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Impact Presses. Stamps for Jewelry. Straight Handheld Stamps. Bent Ring Handheld Stamps. Nickel Silver.This men's work boot provides its wearer exceptional safety with an integrated TPU torsion stabilizer to steady every step and a steel shank to reduce painful impact on active feet. Add confidence to your stride with these comfort-enhancing, risk-reducing components.

The Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction delivers unmatched dryness no matter how moist your work setting may be. If you're enduring wet conditions, you should have a waterproof work boot. The fortified structure of this popular feature will ensure that wet feet are a day-ruining disaster of the past. Your feet will enjoy well-deserved relief for years of your career. A padded collar and tongue contribute bonus coziness. With 11 inches of dark brown, full-grain leather, you can adequately protect your feet without sacrificing professional appearance.

Pull tabs on either side of this thoughtfully constructed men's shoe make for easy on and off, saving you valuable time at the beginning and end of your day.

If you're searching for a work boot to withstand your everyday accomplishments, and reward you for them with comfort, the Rocky Aztec Wellington Work Boot is sure to do the job! Add to Favorites. Special Offer. Color brown. Size Size Chart. Out of Stock. Quantity 1. Add to Cart Please select Size.

aztec leather

Waterproof This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments. Size Chart. Kids' Footwear.

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The sole still has tread after years of wear and the leather is still in good shape. The lining on the inside started to rip and fall apart so I took my pocket knife and cut out all the lining on the heel and they're still going strong.

Definitely will buy again. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Two H from Great service, great fit, great boot.

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They are easy to slip on and plenty wide for my fat little foot. The leather is soft and tough.Machine washable. Nap fabric. Priced per yard - use drop-down menu to select if you need less than a full yard. This versatile, medium-weight material is ideally suited for wide-ranging applications from apparel and accessories to industrial products and more. Sign in Register. Next product.

aztec leather

In stock 8 items available. Description Specification Reviews. Natural-looking suede surface A soft, plush hand with a sensuous feel Excellent breathability enhances comfort for the skin Carefree durability and resilience Superior resistance to crocking, pilling, fraying, stretching and shrinking Firm colorfastness Machine washable 45" wide Thickness: 0. Pattern Design. Customer reviews. Please sign in to add review.

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We now have real Python skins from the Florida Everglades. Our purse designs vary from alligator tail to a mixture of alligator leather and cow or buffalo hide — sometimes we use polished cow horn for the sides to create a very unique product.

Each purse is custom designed with the individual user in mind.

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All of our handbags are conversation pieces. An even bigger conversation piece would be an Alligator Briefcase.

aztec leather

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Rocky Aztec Waterproof Wellington Work Boot

Welcome to Creative Aztec!! We tan our own alligator hides - here are examples of the beautiful colors we can produce.

aztec leather

We can also create hats from other colleges - just look at the UCF hat. An even bigger conversation piece would be an Alligator Briefcase - that is certainly a sucess statement!

Toe Whistles - Check them out! Genuine alligator toe attached to a whistle made out of cow horn. All kids love them - young and small.

Like us on Facebook! For more information send us an email at 4info creative-aztec.People in Central and South America went barefoot most of the time. The warm climate did not require clothing for warmth. However, foot coverings did make the rugged terrain easier to manage.

Mayan, Aztec, and Inca royalty and soldiers wore various styles of sandals. Typically these sandals were made of leather from a goat, llama, or sheep, or from plant fibers and tied to the foot with leather or woven fabric straps.

The Incas wore an unusual type of sandal called usuta, which had a short sole. As with other garments worn by these cultures, the decoration of footwear indicated a person's social status. The wealthiest members of society could wear sandals dyed bright colors and adorned with beads of gold or silver.

Aztec emperor Montezuma wearing traditional Indian dress, including sandals. Sandals were typically made of leather from a goat, llama, or sheep or from plant fibers. Aztecs: Reign of Blood and Splendor. Bray, Warwick. Everyday Life of the Aztecs. New York: Putnam, Inca Religion and Customs. Translated and edited by Roland Hamilton. Day, Nancy.

Minneapolis, MN: Runestone Press, Wood, Tim. The Aztecs. New York: Viking, Toggle navigation. Wiki Forum. User Contributions:. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:.

E-mail: Show my email publicly. Human Verification:. Public Comment: characters. Send comment. Other articles you might like:. Follow City-Data. Tweets by LechMazur. Head Flattening Usuta.Aztec clothing are the fiber of clothing that were worn by the Aztecs peoples during their time that varied based on aspects such as social standing and gender. The garments worn by Aztec peoples were also worn by other pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico who shared similar cultural characteristics.

The strict sumptuary laws present in Aztec society had dictated the type of fiber and ornamentation present in clothing, as well as how that clothing was worn based on class.

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Cloth and clothing were of utmost importance to the Aztec people during the height of the empire. This importance is seen when noting the processes of making the garments and how these fibers were a key part of the social structure of the Aztec. Scholars were able to identify key elements of clothing due to their elaborate depiction in manuscripts that were made with a pictographic system. Different types of fibers held different levels of prestige among the social groups of the Aztec people.

Cloth and its many distinct implications give way to its notability within the Aztec society in relations to facets such as both gender and ethnic identity, as well as a ritualistic and social function. One primary example is seen in the incorporation of the weaving tool in the custom of specific deities. Over time the original, predominantly kin-ship -based style of textile production gave way to more workshop and class-based production.

Cotton was significant in the Aztec culture. It was not only used in making clothing, but also in religious offerings, marriage payments, and mummification. There was a tremendous process of bringing the cotton from the fields then through marketplaces to end up in the homes of the individuals who would spin and weave the fibers into actual clothing. Within the Aztec Empire, there were five different articles of Clothing that made of the very basic garments.

These consisted of a draped garment, slip-on garment, open-sewn garment, closed sewn garment, and limb-encasing garments. This garment is like a loincloth and was worn by Aztec men of all social standings within the empire.

Various styles of tilmatli existed which served to indicate the status of the wearer. Only the individuals that were considered high ranking were allowed to wear cotton clothing and mantles usually decorated with color and feathers while in contrast, the average warrior would only be allowed to wear very plain mantles.

The Aztecs wore different clothing depending on their age. They were largely restricted to noble males. Those who entered temples or appeared before the emperor were required to be barefoot.

As compared to the everyday dress of the people within the Aztec empire, the sumptuary laws within the empire held the dress of different classes to distinct standards. As well as social status is shown by the type of fibers used for the clothing worn by the elite, the inclusion of other luxurious goods within the clothing was used as well.

Items such as turquoisejadegoldfeathersand shells were intertwined within the fibers of the clothing to showcase the luxuries that the individual was able to obtain as well as show the power that they had. Specifically seem more in the clothing worn by the elite, a hip cloth, called xiuht- lulpill, was among the most highly worn and prestigious pieces of clothing for the elite.

The dress for Aztec royalty also varied from the dress for the elites. According to scholar Patricia Rieff Anawalt, the clothing worn by the Aztec royalty was the most lavish of all the garments worn by the Aztec people.

Different hairstyles worn by Aztec people also strictly follow the sumptuary laws. Warriors of high ranking would wear their hair in a style called temillotl which translates into Column of Stone. The Aztec women and men would tend to always decorate themselves with gold bangles, necklaces, chokers, etc. Such jewelry was worn to show how wealthy one was; lower class Aztec would tend to wear less jewelry than an Aztec of higher placing and wealth. The jewelry worn by the Aztec people was rich in variety.

Aztecs perfected metalworking to a great art. Gold and silver jewelry was worn alongside ornaments made of feathers, shells, leather, and stones. Among the Aztecs, laws about which ornaments could be worn were strictly enforced. Only royalty could wear headdresses with gold and quetzal a bird with brilliant blue-green feathers that reach three feet in length feathers, for example. All warriors wore loincloths, and basic military armor called ichcahuipilli.Get it by Dec 24th.

Life Amid the Maguey, Sterling silver pendant necklace. Aztec Sun Stone in White, Ceramic plaque. Xoloitzcuintle, Aztec Dog Sculpture with Stand.

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Log in Log in to see your rewards. Log in or create a free account to see your current rewards, artisan impact level and shipping discounts. Great rendition of this archeological piece. The colors, tho muted, are also vibrant and give the aura of ages past.

Im so happy and blessed to be able to own some of the art from this man. Makes me proud of my culture. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I purchased four statues and a mask. Will continue to purchase more. Thank you! Perfect gift for my boyfriend who collects masks. Honestly breathtaking when I first opened it after it arrived. A youthful face represents one of the renowned Aztec Eagle warriors, an elite infantry comprised of pre-Hispanic noblemen.

It is said the previous four, together with humans, were destroyed by the gods' wrath. The calendar represents the fifth sun and tells the story of the past four and marks the changing of the seasons.

The Aztecs or "Mexica," as they called themselves believed the sun struggled daily against the forces of darkness. They aided the sun through human sacrifices. Features a loop for hanging. The Aztecs or Mexica, as they called themselves believed that the sun struggled daily against the forces of darkness.

The artisan presents the sculpture on a pinewood base. Inspired by Aztec religion, this ceramic skull sculpture is decorated with images of Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death. Certified clean packing environment. Quality tested and verified by our region teams.

Home Mexico. Mexican Aztec 84 items. New and popular Artist Price: low to high Price: high to low Newest arrivals. Refine your results. Related Categories. Member Zone Log in Log in to see your rewards. Featured Reviews on Mexican Aztec. Ceramic sculpture, 'Pensive Tonatiuh'. Super Ceramic Folk Art!! Ceramic sculpture, 'Aztlan Warrior'.


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